Not every legal situation calls for a lawyer’s help. You don’t always need a lawyer like in instances where you have to handle a ticket or if you are hashing out an issue in small claims court, but there are some times when knowing a solid lawyer can be a lifesaver.

Knowing A Good Lawyer

You don’t think twice about finding the best doctor, hair stylist, dentist or grocery store. Don’t think twice about adding a good lawyer to your arsenal of skilled service people.

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Here are some reasons you should have a good lawyer on speed dial:

  1. They are not overly expensive. One of the biggest reasons people avoid talking with an attorney in a preventative capacity is the thought that lawyers cost an arm and a leg. But they don’t. Lawyers do charge different rates and some can be at the expensive end or the scale, but you can find a solid attorney that is reasonable. As well, most lawyers provide free consultations. So there’s no risk in just having a conversation with a lawyer about possible situations.
  2. Attorneys understand how to properly file court documents and handle other legal procedures. Failing to hire a lawyer when starting a business, reviewing a contract, going through a divorce, or trying to trademark a new technology or product can result in unknown hazards or even cost you more time and money.
  3. In a criminal case, your attorney will find out if all evidence has been handled properly. Lawyers know how to challenge or suppress evidence. You may not even know that a key piece of evidence against you was wrongly obtained. You may not know a witness’ testimony contradicts an earlier statement, but your lawyer will go the extra mile to ensure an airtight defense.
  4. A lawyer can ensure you plead properly when charges are brought against you. Pleading guilty is not your only choice even if evidence points toward that direction. You need an attorney who understands the law and can help to you enter a plea that minimizes the possibility of severe negative outcomes ie. jail time, high fines/restitution or long periods of community service.
  5. A good lawyer can negotiate a good settlement or plea bargain. Experience matters and a good lawyer has similar cases under his or her belt with the confidence to strategically negotiate the best outcome for you, whether it’s an insurance settlement or a plea for a lesser charge.

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